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Constituency of the GovCERT

According to § 22 Abs. 2 and Abs. 3 of the Austrian implementation of the NIS-Directive ( Netz- und Informationssystemsicherheitsgesetzes – NISG) the Austrian GovCERT is tasked with receiving reports concerning risks, incidents and security incidents from entities of the Austrian public administration.

Additionally, as long as the role of the national CSIRT has not been assigned, the GovCERT acts as the interim reporting point for the national CSIRT's constituency as well (§§ 19 Abs. 2, 21 Abs. 2 and 23 Abs. 3 NISG).


Please send reports concerning risks, incident and security incidents to

Reports concerning security incidents (Mandatory NIS-reports) need to contain the text "NIS-Pflichtmeldung" in the Subject.

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